Sugars & Sweeteners Ingredients

With decades of experience in the sugar industry, we can help you find the liquid and dry sweeteners to suit your needs. Beet sugar in various granulations are made to strict specifications. In addition, we carry other sources of sweetening solutions including honey, maple syrup, and Frutex fruit juice syrups. Powdered Honey, Molasses and Maple products are available.

Baker’s Special

  • Baker’s Special is a favorite for confectionary baking. Available in 50 lb bags & totes.

Extra Fine

  • Extra Fine Granulated Sugar – Smooth as Satin. Particularly suited for baking and mixing. Available in 50 lb bags, totes and bulk


  • White Satin Industrial Course Sugar is granulated sugar with larger crystals. It’s especially useful in baking when a course consistency is preferred. Packaging is available in 50 lb bags, totes & bulk.


  • White Satin Powdered Sugar is produced by pulverizing refined granulated sugar, then cornstarch is added to prevent clumping. Kosher approved & appropriate for use in all baking and confectionary application. Packaging available in 1, 2, and 50 lb bags and totes.

  • Honey Powder Non-GMO, SD Honey Powder Organic

  • SD Caramel Powder

  • SD Natural Maple Flavor

Brown Sugar

  • Dark Brown, Medium Brown & Light Brown – produced by combining white sugar with molasses, creating a robust to mild can molasses flavor.

Other Dry Sweeteners

  • Pell-ettes Icing

  • Pell-ettes Maple

  • Dry Malt Powder

  • Corn Syrup Solids

  • Sweetened Coconut

  • Golden Toasted Coconut - Sweetened and Unsweetened

Liquid Sweeteners

  • Type 50 Medium Invert (77 Brix) – Invert Sugar is a solution of pure sucrose and invert sugars (glucose and fructose) in water. It’s prepared under tightly controlled conditions to deliver a uniform concentration every time. Available in bulk tankers

  • Type O Liquid Sucrose – is a carefully prepared solution of refined granulated sugar dissolved in water. Type O is suitable for all applications requiring a pure sucrose syrup. Available in bulk tankers.

  • Organic Wildflour Honey

  • Pure Maple Syrup - Grade A Amber, Grade B

  • Frutex Mixed Fruit Syrup

  • Frutex Pear Syryp

  • Frutex Pineapple Syrup

  • Brown Rice Syrup

  • Malt Syrup

  • Corn Syrup

  • Sorbital

  • Bee Sweet

  • Honey

  • Molasses