Spices, Seasonings, Sauces & Oil Ingredients

We offer our sourcing expertise to guide you to the recipe transformation that will bring out the brightest flavor impacts for your application. We are a source of many of the most recognized providers of spices and herbs as well as Tahini, Vinegars, Cooking wines, and Hot Sauces.


  • Kosher Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Premium, Reduction

  • Organic Balsamic Vinegar – Regular or white

  • Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar

  • Mizkin Rice Wine Vinegar

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

  • Rose Balsamic Vinegar

Cooking Wines

  • Worcestershire Sauce

  • Sauterne Cooking Wine

  • Burgundy Wine

Cooking Sauces

  • Oyster Sauce

  • Tahini

Pepper Sauces

  • Habanero Pepper Sauce

  • Sriracha Chili Sauce

  • Thai Style Spicy Sweet Chili Sauce

  • Thai Fish Sauce

  • Buffalo Hot Sauce

  • Tabasco Buffalo Hot Sauce

  • Chipotle Pepper Sauce

  • Crushed Pepper – Drum & Pail

  • Garlic Pepper Sauce

  • Green Pepper Sauce


  • Sesame Oil

  • Hot Chili Oil

  • Italian Olive Oil

  • Palm Shortening – Conventional and Organic

  • Organic Coconut Oil Refined

  • Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Virgin Coconut Oil

  • All Purpose Shortening

  • Cake & Icing Shortening

  • Lard

  • Canola Oil

  • Soy Bean Oil

  • Corn Oil

  • Cotton Seed Oil

  • Safflower Oil

  • Sunflower Oil

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Mineral Oil

  • Pan Grease & Spray

Liquid Specialty Lecithins

  • Sunflower Lecithin – (Water Dispersible, Non-GMO and Organic options)

  • Rapeseed (Canola) Lecithin Non-GMO

  • Soy Lecithin – (Standard, Non GMO, Identity Preserved and Organic options)

Powder Specialty Lecithins

  • Sunflower Lecithin Powder – (Organic Compliant, Non-GMO & Water Dispersible options)

  • Rapeseed (Canola) Powder – (Organic Compliant Non-GMO and Organic options