Dairy and Non-Dairy Ingredients

We can help you find the right solutions with the appropriate functionality for your applications. We represent sources for coffees, teas and custom blending. We have sources of juice concentrates, flavors, essences and blends. Organic options are available. We also offer Coconut milk products.

Artisan Cheese

  • Aged Italian Style Cheese

  • Cotija

  • Feta – Large Chunks, Marinated

  • Fontina

  • Provolone

  • Liquid Butter Concentrate

Butter Buds

  • Butter Buds

  • Brown Butter Flavor Natural

  • Butter Buds Bacon

  • Artificial Butter Vanilla Powder

Cheese Buds

  • Cheese Buds – Parmesan, Cheddar, Parmesan, Romano, Aged Cheddar, Bleu, Feta, Alfredo, Swiss, Asiago, Moneray Jack, Cotija, Emmenthal, Cream Cheese

  • Cheese Bud Paste – Parmesan, Cheddar, Romano, Bleu, Aged Cheddar, Olive Oil Paste

  • Cheddar Buds (on demand only)

Cream Buds

  • Cream Extract - Dried Cream Extract, High Concentrate

  • Sour Cream Buds – Sour Cream Concentrate

  • Cream+ Vanilla

  • SD Natural Cream Cheese Flavor


  • Cocoa Butter Buds

  • Yogurt Buds

  • Non-Dairy

  • Creamed Coconut

  • Olive Oil Buds

  • Dried Beer Extract

  • Buttermilk Buds

  • Liquid Butter Concentrate Sunflower

  • Heat Stable Cheddar Blend

  • Buttermilk Powder

  • Calcium Caseinate

  • Non-Fat Dry Milk – High Heat, Low Heat

Organic, Non-GMO, Non-Dairy

  • Coconut Milk - Sweetened & Unsweetened

  • Organic Buds

  • Non GMO Dried Cream Extract

  • Organic Dried Cream Extract

  • Cream Concentrate, Non-Dairy

  • Non-Dairy Butter Flavor

  • Cream+ GMO Free

  • Organic Cream+

  • Organic Cheese Buds – Cheddar

  • Organic High Concentrate

  • Organic Buttermilk Buds